The Hindenburg Disaster

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Another book I finished recently was "The Hindenburg Disaster" by Jeff Rovin.

I remember reading this book in high school and doing a review of it.  I'll have to dig it up if I ever scanned it before tossing it.  Edit: had a look but doesn't look like I scanned that book report.  Oh well.

This time around I was reading it around Friedrichshafen, which was completely surreal, given that the airship was built there.  Not only that, but I was reading it in Friedrichshafen over the 79th anniversary of its explosion in 1937! 

It also made mention of the Dachau concentration camp, which we went to while I was reading the book.

And the bad guy's name is Hans Gruber.  How funny is that!

Only some of it is factual.  The rest of it is all made up for the novel.  It has its own theory as to what happened to make it explode.

He didn't include the "oh the humanity" line when quoting the radio broadcast though heh.

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