What was he thinking? Again!!

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So some time before the end of the year I'll get up some posts about Christmas and the break so far...

But I've spent fairly big chunks out of the past few days sorting out all the digital copies of dad's photos.  And I've done pretty much all I can do with the material I have.  The missing files from before 1999 never showed up, even on several disks I brought home from mum's.  Sadly they weren't on the other backup external disk, and the only other possibilities were on disks that were dead :(  So there's a thousand or so photos I'll need to scan again one day.

For everything else I went through his database of 14000 files, finding all the copies of the photos scattered about the place, and compiling them all into one location with a consistent directory structure, and deleting all the duplicates.  So now it's all neat and tidy.  And each year (from 2000-2012) is no more than a dvd backup's worth.  

Simple right?

Well dad never quite grasped that.  His idea of backups was filling cds seemingly at random with whatever files would fit.  So a few directories from one year mixed with directories from other years.  And then he'd make more copies.  There was a "working copy", an "archive copy" and an "offsite backup" (which were stored at my place).  But there's no rhyme or reason to what's on each disk, just a number "Ted_01" through to "Ted_95".  There's probably a database somewhere of what's on each disk.  Note these were all on cd.  At some point he's decided to do a "last chance" backup to dvd, with the contents of about five cds worth on each.  So we're already looking at a minimum of four copies of each photo series on plastic disk - three hundred pieces of plastic clutter.  Not to mention the entire large spindleful of these disks that just look to be copies at random.  I'm pretty much going to start again and burn thirteen disks - one for each year between 2000 and 2012 for his general photos.

The holiday photos are even more fun.  There's gold, silver and bronze "masters", slideshows, lending copies, working copies, backup copies, offsite copies.  Although even then not consistently - some there's only one copy!  Their Gulf Savannah and Top End holiday must have at least thirty disks sitting on my floor right now.  I'm going to toss the whole lot and make two dvds of that trip that have everything.  Clean and simple.

And I never found his slide scans either.  Not sure how far through it he got.  He scanned all his slides in 2002 but on a flatbed scanner, so they're not great quality.  189 x 36 slides to scan one day too... 

The saddest part of all of this was getting to the end of 2012 where he hadn't labelled everything and put into his numbering scheme and database.  And there were a couple of directories of files that he probably never even saw because they hadn't been downloaded from the camera.  :(

I really need to sort out my photos before I go and cark it... 

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