Careful, he might hear you

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Last night I finished Careful, he might hear you, but Sumner Locke Elliott.  

Not a bad book when you get used to the switching of perspectives and the flashbacks that get inserted into the text with no breaks which makes it a little confusing.  

I liked the descriptions of Sydney, being able to picture a lot of the places talked about.  At one point they're going to a cemetery on the "electric train".  I thought it would have been Rookwood, but then there was a description of looking down at the river and seeing the jellyfish, and I'm like "hey that's the George's River, they're going to Woronora cemetery!" .. and of course I was right.  I used to catch the train over that river and see the jellyfish (different bridge though - the old bridge described in the book is now a pedestrian bridge).  And they went past the Como hotel too (although didn't mention it by name).  

Will have to watch the movie again some time (I think I might have seen it when I was much younger).

I thought this might have been a Bookcrossing book (it was in that pile), but no number on it.  Maybe I should register it.  And read all the other bookcrossing books I have ..


Fiona said:

Oooh sounds good!!! I was down in syd for mardi gras and drove to anksia and remembered few things

March 3, 2013 3:11 PM


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