Order of the Phoenix take two

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Just spent three hours finishing off The Order of the Phoenix for the second time. I'm sure I'll regret this tomorrow when lack of sleep catches up with me. I think I enjoyed it a bit more the second time round.. it didn't feel quite as depressing or political as it did the first time for some reason.

I reckon JK Rowling should write "Hogwarts: A History". Hermione refers to it so often I reckon it'd be a great read. Although for some reason I have this feeling she may get sick of writing about Harry Potter and that'll be the end of that.



Dennis said:

You got me thinking about this, and I think I'd love to read "Hogwarts: A History" myself. It was give a lot of back info on the wizarding world that I've wondered about thanks to the gap in the books. Of course, reading Book 5 always leaves me angry and creeped out about everything. I wish Book 6 would hurry and come out so I could get some closure...

February 9, 2004 6:09 AM


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