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As I was driving home tonight, I saw parked on the side of the road a car with the number plate "NEWHAIR". I did a double take, and looked again to make sure I wasn't imaging it. But yes, there it was, a number plate of 7 letters, something we just don't have here in Australia. As I was pondering this, wondering since when did Australia have seven letter number plates, I pulled up behind a van, literally 200m up the road, with the number plate "FOREVER". OK so now I was totally spun out. The writing around the main text was very fine, so I could only read the text at the side which said "AUS" but not the text at the bottom.

Has anyone in oz seen these plates around?


CC said:

Hmmm. Afraid not. How strange!

July 24, 2003 11:07 PM


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