Philosopher's Stone

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There are people that think that Dumbledore enabled Harry to figure out how the Mirror of Erised worked so that he'd know what to do with it later. Which is a little silly. Because Dumbledore designed the challenge at the end so that Voldemort/Quirrell couldn't get it. If Harry hadn't come along it would have been safe until Dumbledore returned from London. So Harry nearly ruined everything.

Of course it's all completely silly.


Yvonne said:

There are some people who find God and the Devil in Harry Potter, in the US there is even a book on finding God in HArry POtter, when do we say HEY its a good story and kids read because of it. It doesn't pay to look too deeply into fiction. The whole point of fiction, particularly fantasy, is that it is form of escape. So is doesn't make sense who cares? enjoy! New movie out soon. M rating is a bother :( May not be able to take Fabian. School has cancelled excursions for classes, due to the rating. Good grief! A shame if it is.

November 20, 2005 2:33 AM


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