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Avatar After dinner at Hog's Breath Cafe last night with Nat&Andrew and Gaelian&Stefanie, we all went along to see Avatar.  

I hadn't seen a single preview for it, or read any reviews, so I went into it with no idea what to expect (which I usually find is a good thing heh).

Stu's complaint was it was totally predictable, and James Cameron ripped off other people's ideas yet again.  And that is true.  But you have to remember that this is a James Cameron Hollywood blockbuster - of course it's going to be like that.  You don't go to a movie like this really expecting any new ideas.  

What you can expect is a movie that visually is utterly stunning and incredibly beautiful.  As someone who likes bright shiny coloured things I was enraptured by the forest at night :)

A big downer for me actually was the 3D.  The glasses really dull the colours and brightness of the picture to the point where even scenes in the sunshine look subdued and lifeless.  I think there's more to lose from the 3D than to gain from the experience (which is fairly distracting anyway).  

So anyway.  The test of a good movie for me is in repeated watchings.  Maybe we'll see it again in 2D ..

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