2011 National Folk Festival

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Dave finally dragged us along to the Folk Festival yesterday (he's been trying for years, to be met with my indifferent "meh").  But the sweetie wanted to go, so we thought we'd just go for a day.

National Folk Festival sign

Arrived a bit before midday and just had a wander around the place.

I liked the "tent city" that you could rent tents in
Tent city
And the Busk Stop
Busk Stop
And the colourful stalls
Colourful stalls

Our first stop musically was for Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band.  They were ok I guess.

Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band

After they'd finished we did some more wandering.

Kangaroos (costumes straight out of the Amazing Race?)
Scottish dude and his dog (apparently he's there every year) Edit: Big Rory and Ochie :)
Scottish Dude and his dog..

Saw the first half of the Festival Fiddlers.

Festival Fiddler
Another Festival Fiddler.  She later played snippets from Monty Python and Black Adder which was a highlight for me at that point (since I'd never heard of a single piece of music I'd heard up until that point).
Festival Fiddler
Then across to Eric Bogle.  Was disappointed because he didn't play And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, but I suppose he's performing so often over the course of the weekend he's probably saving it for Monday or something.
Eric Bogle

That left me a bit grumpy, so didn't get a photo of the next act (The Fagans), and only one of Danny Spooner.  Spent a good chunk of the time on my phone reading Twitter and news feeds.

Danny Spooner

Wandered around some more and got an early dinner of Tapas (yumm!!)

Then to see Political Satire with Shortis & Simpson.  They were a lot of fun, I quite enjoyed this one.

Shortis and Simpson

Then stayed in the Coorong for Infinite Rocky Horror Heat 2.  This turned out to be a bit of a fizzer.  They only had three acts (Kim Cunio and Heather Lee did an operatic version of There's a Light; The Fiddle Chicks did I'm Going Home, which was a bit of fun; and another duo did There's a Light which was ok).  And they did a bit of an audience participation version of The Time Warp.

Rocky Horror heat

At this point the sweetie was peopled out (not helped by a very stuffy Coorong), so he went home, and Dave and I soldiered on.

Totally Gourdgeous played to a packed tent.  Penelope Swales is pretty awesome, I liked her.

Totally Gourdgeous

Caught the tail end of Martin Pearson and the MP3.  He was fun too, might have been good to see more of him.

Martin Pearson and the MP3

The Good Lovelies were kinda cute, I think the sweetie would have liked them.  Took a few videos for him.

The Good Lovelies

And finally the Spooky Men's Chorale.  These guys were pretty cool.  I liked their "Swedish folk song" - well I could guess straight away it was going to be something by Abba :)  Took a few videos of them too.

Spooky Men's Chorale

So yeah.  Long day.  Not sure it's worth the $80-odd dollars to go for a day.  Well not for me anyway, not knowing any of the artists or any of the music (except for snippets here and there).  If you were into that sort of thing I suppose it'd probably be pretty good value...   *meh*  .. :)

Just for fun, here's a snap I took of the moon as we were leaving.

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