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I watched some of one of my Christmas presents tonight - the pilot movie of the 80s TV show "Airwolf". And it was just as good as I remembered it! Which is really unusual for 80s shows. Usually they're very lame (Knight Rider as case in point). But this had very little 80s lameness. The pilot was beautifully filmed, with great music and a fantastic helicopter.

I was in love with that helicopter when I used to watch it as a teenager. And had a bit of a crush on Stringfellow.. the strong silent type heh .. and Santini (Ernest Borgnine) was really cute too, especially how he used to call Airwolf affectionate names like "the lady" hehe.

I bought a model of it way back then, but I was a lot younger then, and stuffed the thing up. So a year or so ago I bought another one on ebay, which I haven't built yet, but will soon. Here's my original one..

Airwolf model

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