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Last Night: Watching The Princess Diaries. Not really for any reason except that I keep seeing the dvd on special, and it had Julie Andrews in it. Pretty average movie, except there's this one magical scene where Joe the chauffeur practically seduces the Queen and they dance and I just melted, it was such a beautiful scene, one of the most romantic I think I've ever seen on screen. Then I found this on imdb:

The on-screen relationship between Queen Clarisse Renaldi ( Julie Andrews ) and Joseph ( Hector Elizondo) was not scripted. The dance scene and the underlying affection was added by the two actors. According to Hector Elizondo, "We felt that a romance after 50 was important to tell and it can be sensual and sexy while keeping your clothes on."

This Afternoon: I think I physically got hit with a good mood tonight. Very odd. Was just leaving cia, and a blast of warm air hit me. Plus it was just at that nice time at dusk when the sky is very bright, but it was overcast so no direct sunlight to blind you. Was just gorgeous.

This Evening: My good mood evaporated somewhat when I discovered I'd missed three great bargains on lego on ebay. Was annoyed because I would have paid the winning amount on all those lots. argh.

Tonight: getting my Jason fix with Black Hawk Down. I actually saw this movie sometime last year but didn't realise he was in it! And now watching it, it's the weirdest thing in the world to hear him speak with an American accent! Not to mention seeing people like Eric Banna be taller than him on screen. He's supposed to be taller than everyone! :) And he still can't shout.


40yoguy said:

Freaky. I watched that last night too. Although in my case it's probably more like ultra sad coz I'm a 40yoguy. Oh well.

Anyway I kinda liked it. Nice shallow soppy feel good movie that let's you pretend you could be a teenager again ... I told you it was sad.

September 28, 2004 12:20 PM


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