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So Opal is now the primary transport ticketing system in Sydney now.  Our friend Jo was forced to start using it last week and was quite shocked at how much more expensive it is for her.

For me, as a mostly casual user (I was using it three days a week) it worked out slightly cheaper and definitely more convenient.  But that was only because I wasn't buying weekly tickets (which were a bit over $40 at the time).  A weekly ticket would give you the equivalent of four days, with the fifth day "free", starting from whenever you purchased the ticket.  

Now with Opal that works the same way, except that it's only a Monday to Friday thing (correct me if I'm wrong).  Last week I went to Sydney and started commuting on a Thursday, finishing on a Wednesday.  If I'd been able to buy a weekly, it'd have cost me the bit over $40.  With Opal, the fifth day never kicked in, so would have cost me nearly $50.  

The only reason it didn't was because I took advantage of the fact that if you tap on before 7am you get a pretty big discount ($3.29 instead of $4.70) - something that you couldn't do before until after 9am.

So all in all I'm pretty much breaking even with the old system, or getting it a little cheaper.  But the convenience of not having to buy tickets every day is definitely a plus.

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