From good to bad within the space of three minutes

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Had another nothing day today. Just too hot. I actually spent a good deal of time trying to sort out the filing on my computer. It seems I have more than 4gb of *stuff* on one drive, and the backup job is failing because you can't put more than 4gb into one file on a fat32 partition. So I thought I'd try and clear out some junk, and burn other stuff to cd as necessary etc. In the end I ended up putting *more* stuff onto the disk as I'd brought home a pile of files from my work computer to sort out.

So anyway, I decided that I'd go for a swim. I haven't been for a swim all summer, and decided that if I waited any longer for someone to swim with, well I wouldn't get a swim at all. I'd of course have to go after dark, as I hate swimming alone. So 8:30 comes around (after watching the 60 minutes 25 year anniversary - weird because they filmed the end of it on the big sound stage they have next to the car park, and had setup a marquee in the car park and I'm, like, "been there!" hehe.. but I digress) and mother calls. The funniest part of the whole conversation is that she tells me that Dad has shaved off his beard!! He hasn't shaved in 27 years!! This I've *got* to see :) So I'm in a kinda good mood, when I go downstairs. Only to find that they still haven't fixed the frigging filter and the pool is closed until further notice. They decided it was broken on *Wednesday* and were going to get someone to come out the next day. I realise now that the pool was actually quiet all weekend. *sigh* So now I'm *still* hot and sweaty. Think I'll just wash my hair and go to bed.

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