It's all Mushroom's fault!

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It started off with me looking at my log files to see how much traffic my site does in a month, and ended up with me getting all nostalgic and reading through my June archive page, which included the trip to Queensland where I met Stu. The path I took to get there included my referer logs list a Google search on "queensland(wild west falls)" which brings up a bunch of pictures I took of the Wild West Falls ride at Movieworld (and even one I took while *on* the ride :) ). A search for Robert Wadlow brings up the same archive page (on the second page of images). Other than that there are the usual searches for star destroyer, super man, lucius malfoy, lego, bionicle, jareth, jason isaacs, lego logo, train wreck, grand junction etc etc. Mostly all image searches bring people to this blog, not anything interesting I've said (other than my AquaOne AR-620T support forum, and my creative cockroach control page).

I wanted to be in bed by now dammit! ;)

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