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So in the process of clearing out my home directory on the server, I thought I'd download the logs for my various sites so I could delete the archives. Not watching what I was doing I overwrote some of the files on my machine and then removed them off the server. No problem I thought I'll just grab them off the last backup (I back up my machine every night to another machine with windoze backup). Except that I couldn't catalogue the file. hrm this is not good. If I can't restore my backups, then what's the point of doing them. Until I realised by looking at the timestamp on the file that it shouldn't even have that time. Then I realised the time on the computer was almost a day out (I turned it off the other day during a thunderstorm, it must've gotten confused), and was running an active backup. Phew. Test on one of the other backup files, and it's all good. But it does mean to get those logs back I'll need to restore a previous backup from tape, which I keep at work. Still, it's a good test to make sure I'm doing my backups right. :)

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