Blogideas - how long do you think you will live?

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Lacking inspiration tonight (well actually I had a few ideas that I might have talked about, but one in particular is one of those stories that might come back to bite me if anyone I knew read it), I tried Their idea for the day is "How long do you think you will live?"

I'm actually hoping not to get old. I don't think I could cope with not being able to take care of myself or get myself around. Especially as my prospects of having family to take care of me are next to zero. When I was doing my honours year I was working such fun things as Ethidium Bromide, which is a lovely carcinogenic chemical that works by getting right into your DNA. It also glows under UV light, hence it's use in genetics work. I was convinced at the time I was going to die young of cancer.

I still think I'm just as likely to die of cancer, or more likely, heart disease - I eat far too many fatty foods!


Tantya said:

How long will i live fag?

August 29, 2004 6:26 AM


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