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Addiction revealed: Veronica Mars, season 2. Started with a few episodes a couple of weeks ago, then was too busy to watch any more, then watched the rest of the season this weekend (had been watching all of season 1 again before moving onto 2). Far out, the number of times my jaw hit my keyboard draw .. sheesh! heh Seriously one of the best tv shows ever made. This season somewhat more depressing that season 1. Wanted to slap Logan on multiple occasions. Thought she had a much better hair stylist in season 1, with many cute, altho perhaps not so "realistic" (in terms of being able to do them all yourself) hairdos. Biggest complaint: how the hell does a school girl get the *time* to do everything she does? She's in a different location in every shot, and there just aren't that many hours in a day. As per usual, more questions raised at the end. Will need to start downloading season 3. And watch season 2 again.

Feeling a little down now. Don't really know why. Maybe just too many things in my head.. heh


Yvonne said:

DOH! ::Head Desk::

June 4, 2007 6:17 PM


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