Mad Mex, Belconnen

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Also on Wednesday we went to try out Mad Mex which had just opened this week.

Seems like lots of people had the same idea as us, as the queue was out the door.  The service model is much like that of Subway - where you go along the food trays specifying what you want, and pay at the end.  Unfortunately this meant for a massive bottleneck at the til, resulting in super slow service.  It took us a full fifteen minutes from walking in the door to sitting down with food :(  But later the queue had dissipated somewhat, and it would have been quicker then.

Mad Mex Belconnen
Mad Mex Belconnen
The prices were possibly a tad high for the regular meals, around $10 for most things.  There's only full sized versions of most menu items, and the nachos I was interested in said they were served with jalapenos (although I probably could have asked them to skip those).  So in the end I ordered Nachos plus pork off the kids menu, and at $4.90, that wasn't too bad value.

Mad Mex Belconnen
We'd go back, but only if there wasn't a queue.

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