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So I had lunch today with someone that was "mostly" vegetarian, with the reason being to reduce the whole carbon footprint on the world by not eating meat and avoiding animal additives in food wherever possible.  Ok fair enough, perfectly valid reasoning.  So he'd ordered a vegetarian dish, but the restaurant made a mistake and brought out the dish with a meat filling.  So he sent it back.  This seemed illogical to me.  Food was going to be wasted in this scenario and an animal would have died anyway.  By sending it back to get another dish made up is actually *increasing* the carbon footprint on the world, as well as causing an animal to die for nothing.

It just puzzled me, that's all, what the logic for that decision was...  Any vegetarians/vegans out there want to comment?


Dave2 said:

My reasons for not eating meat are entirely different, so I can't really comment. All I can say is that giving up meat was not an easy thing for me when I did it 27 years ago, and having an "occasional meat dish" would only make it that much harder to give it up completely, which was my goal. So... if that's their goal as well... it could be they just didn't want to get a taste for it because that would make them want to eat it again, thus ultimately defeating their long-term goal with a short-term exception.

July 14, 2012 8:23 PM


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