The Lion King

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Just got home from seeing the stage version of The Lion King with Luc and Cynthia. It's brilliant! If you haven't seen it, go see it!

It's pretty much exactly like the movie, all the songs from the movie are in it, and huge slabs of the script are identical. I was even quoting bits of it, lol. There's quite a bit of extra stuff too, a couple of extra songs and more dancing.

The coolest thing though was the puppetry. It was phenomenal. Lots of animals, even a full sized elephant! It was very cool how they did the wildebeast stampede too.

I was slightly disappointed with Jay Laga'aia's (Mufasa) performance, he just didn't seem to have the majestic voice (cf James Earl Jones, but then not much can compare to that). But I dunno, the way the mics were setup, even child-simba's roar was better than his. Tony Harvey's Scar was pretty good, but then again, not much can compare with Jeremy Irons :) Timon and Pumba are great, especially the puppetry for Pumbaa.

Anyways, it's a school night, best be off.


Paul said:

I know, amazing aren't they. A friend of a friend of mine designed the puppets or costumes (or both I can't remember!). I guess it would be the same stuff that you saw unless they have a different company doing it down there. Needless to say he is seriously rich now .. lucky bugger! (but very talented)

April 28, 2004 12:43 AM


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