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So it's 5:15, and Kirk calls me up. They've had a drop out and did I want to come along to see Transformers. And I'm like.. Free movie? Gold class? Count me in!

So you've gotta go into these movies not expecting much. You enjoy them a lot more that way. And really I did only have one major gripe - that the transformed robots were a lot "bigger" than their vehicle alter egos. I'm happy to accept a certain degree of "movie physics" but not when it involves magic as well (that's for Harry in a couple of weeks ;) ).

That said, it's has that wonderful big-budget feel to it with great cinematography, gorgeous scenery (not to mention the "been-there" factor with Hoover Dam heh), tonnes of action and some cool military stuff. It was just a whole lot fun all the way through.

Worth seeing on a big screen, if you're ok with extreme morphing the whole way through :)


kapgar said:

So it actually came out earlier down under? That sucks! I have to wait until Tuesday!!

June 29, 2007 9:31 PM


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