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ebay are continuing to be bastards, they ignore emails of complaint and I can see I am not going to get anywhere with them. So I could just forget about it all. Know in my heart that Raffaele Favia (faiele) is a thief and let it go, even if I can't warn the rest of the ebay community that this guy is a thief and a liar and a fraud and a cheat. Even threats to take my business elsewhere if I can't leave feedback are ignored. So I am in this dilema. Now that my space lego collection is complete, it's time to start selling off the duplicate sets. I could probably sell them on bricklink, but that is a lot of work to setup. I just don't want to give ebay any money that they definitely don't deserve.


procurator said:

Ebay seem to truly suck unless you are from the right 'cultural' background or a 'power rip off seller'.
The numbers of complaints we have had is astonishing and we are preparing a case for the Dept of Fair Trading. If you pay a fraudulent seller through Paypal(an Ebay company), then Ebay is potentially liable for your loss. We would like all records of compalints for our legal and media campaign against them. If you can help let me know.
If you want their direct (unlisted) telephone numbers in Australia, email me agent86@cia.com.au.

September 9, 2004 12:37 PM


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