I'd rather be documenting... Really...

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I had a very weird thing happen to me today.  I know, you can hit me now.

I had this realisation that the thing I wanted to do most today was documentation.  Maybe because everything else on my todo list was less pleasurable heh ;)  Maybe it's because I realised that out of the eighteen large "client" projects I've worked on since I started there, seven of them are current and I'm working on them at the moment.  That's enough to make my head spin just thinking about it!

Documentation is something I can do quietly by myself, don't have to talk to useless vendors, don't have to talk to other people (except to ask the odd question), I can just *do it* and actually achieve something at the end of the day.

Just for fun, here's the time lapse I put together of the jigsaw I did yesterday...

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