30.. my brain hurts

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and I don't think it has anything to do with the glass of wine I had 5 hours ago. We just had a four hour annual owner's meeting for our block of flats. Talk about children bickering. Three people that didn't turn up to the last meeting (that was cancelled due to lack of quorum, but perhaps they put in proxy votes) came along rather upset about a few things, and it all ended up in swearing and name calling. It was all rather unpleasant, and not something I'm used to. Then we had a show-and-tell out the back where the Moreton Bay fig tree is tearing up the driveway, garages and even the building which changed the atmosphere markedly, as everyone then had something in common to be on the one side about. The second part of the meeting was a whole lot more civilised than the first.

It also looks like I might be getting my own support queue to look after at cia, so that'll be kinda nice. It'll just be for the windoze support .. although they're yet to set it up for me.. maybe after the team meeting on thursday..

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