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Kate Ritchie

I watched Home and Away for about 6 months when it first started airing in 1988. Tonight I was channel flicking after finishing watching a video, and happened to stay in Home and Away just long enough to see Don Fisher (the school principal) have his farewell episode. Now I seriously do not watch this show, and the chances of me seeing this particular episode out of all of the others that have aired in the past 15 years are so small it's amazing. It was one of those sentimental sorts of episodes with footage from the past 15 years that I like in TV shows.

But the coolest part (and probably only redeeming feature) of the show is Kate Ritchie. She was 9 years old when the show first started in 1988 and has literally grown up on the show. She went all through high school and university and has just been named the new school principal. And I found out tonight that she has the same birthday as me (14th August), exactly 5 years younger than me.


Fred Mcstea said:

Kate Ritchie is also a dirty slut who was stupid enough to have hot wild sex on video camera with a surf bum. Therefore she is not the redeeming feature of anything, just a dirty slut.

May 16, 2005 10:05 AM


ross palmer said:

i like sally what she does in her private life is hers bussiness I just like watching her in home and away ross palmer

August 3, 2006 8:23 PM


AmBeR lOuIsE said:

i love kate ritchie she is the best so wat if she does other things that other people may not like thats her buisness she is only human like every one else if it was u or i that was in her posistion we would hate been called a slut and all that shit on the web or at all i think people need to think about wat there doing and not wat kate is doing and i say as a female like kate go for it gurl and dont worry wat other people say there just jealous that there not on tv and as popular as kate is so who eva tries 2 run her down kan get Fu**** u Mother Fu******

August 21, 2007 4:29 PM


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