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World Trade Center - I went there just 10 months before the terrorist attacks

It's been two years tonight our time since the terrorist attacks in New York. Seeing the footage still affects me quite deeply.

I was actually at cia when I heard about it. Gamera had a faulty ide backup disk, and after a reboot it didn't come back, so I called up Marc and we went into the office to kick it. After removing the offending disk altogether, Marc said that the World Trade Centre had been hit by a plane - someone had told him on icq. We looked up some news sites and saw a picture on the BBC website. It also said both towers had been hit, so I immediately thought of a deliberate attack. I had no idea of the severity of the situation until I got home and turned on the tv. Almost immediately I realised how historic and terrible this was going to be, and started up the vcr recording.

I watched in total disbelief for the next 4 hours, talking to Marc and Horst online who also couldn't go to sleep. I only got about 3 hours sleep before getting up early to watch the morning news coverage. I don't think any of us got any work done the next day.

Just watching the news now; it feels kind of strange to be sitting here in exactly the same position at my computer as the previous two years.

And now to fight terrorism of a different kind - patching all my servers against the latest microsoft exploit :/

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