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On the weekend we thought we'd give Coles shop at home a go.

We weren't really sure what we were doing, so just thought we'd stock up on some of our staples and non-perishable stuff.

Good points:
  • can shop at own pace, from home, no crowds, online - the way we like to deal with people (or not ;) )
  • pricing shows price per unit on different products, and you can sort by that too.  This is actually really cool and saves having to calculate it in the shop
Bad points:
  • you can't read product labels.  All you get is a picture.  So you can't see the ingredients, which means we have to stick with what we know
  • too many plastic bags! (ten for this shop - cause can't use green bags obviously)  Far too many bags than we'd ever get through. 
  • fresh stuff came cold but don't know how much I'd trust things like ice cream
  • we still need to do fruit and veg shopping every week (but can go to the markets for that)
  • can't just browse and see what's available easily
So we may do it from time to time, but we'll need to build up a repertoire of "safe" food, and better plan the shops so don't forget things and have to go to the supermarket anyway!


Ian said:

I've occasionally thought of this, but been daunted by the effort of setting up the first shop. I don't mind paying for them to pack and deliver, although when I've looked the specials seem quite limited compared to what you get in the shop (and me being a tightarse wins out over the idea of the convenience).

Like you, I think I'd be inclined to only use it to restock the cupboard with staples, plus bathroom, kitchen and stuff like that.

May 22, 2009 2:14 PM


Kazza the Blank One said:

The first shop isn't as hard as I thought it would be, although it does help if you have a list and know what things you normally buy. Then you can just put it in the search and add it in.

Another problem is things like milk and orange juice. You obviously can't stock up on those, which means you still need to go to the shops every week or so. We were planning to go to markets each week for fruit and veg, but other cold stuff will be more problematic. The whole point of doing it online will be wasted if you still need to go to a supermarket each week anyway!

May 23, 2009 8:21 AM


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