And suddenly the weekend is over

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Aside from my cousin's wedding (actually their second wedding, this time in a Greek Orthodox church as opposed to a celebrant wedding) and a games night at James and George's which was a lot of fun, all I've done this weekend is read other peoples' blogs (eg Rick Macherat and Dave) and links off them (eg Despair). Although I did pull apart most of my Harry Potter lego.. I don't want it getting sun-damaged. I'll put it all together again when (if) I get the remaining sets I'm missing. I left out the Hogwarts Castle, Dumbledore's Office and the Hogwarts Express, as these are the best sets in the series.

I'm feeling incredibly unmotivated at the moment. Possibly because it's taken so long to tidy up the study that I'm getting demoralised with it. Possibly because of the heat, although today has been somewhat more comfortable that previous weeks.

I really should go shopping. I've run out of toilet paper and have been using tissues. It's just such a pain to have to go out.. would much rather leave it til I'm out anyway, like on the way home from work. Maybe I can borrow a roll from the neighbours. Or just keep using tissues. hrmm


Dave2 said:

I read the title of your entry... about the weekend being over... and started to panic. Then I saw "neighbors" spelled as "neighbours" and realized (realised?) that it's 5am Sunday in the U.K., so I must be visiting Australia? Yes, a quick Google search shows that Bowie is indeed touring Down Under! What a relief to know I have an entire day left in my weekend! Oh well, your's may be ending, but at least you got to see Bowie!!

February 22, 2004 4:42 PM


kazza said:

*grin* :):)

I did in fact end up going shopping, and have a fresh supply of toilet paper hehe

I think I'm going to watch Glass Spider on video tonight, and hope it hasn't deteriorated too much over the years.

February 22, 2004 5:30 PM


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