Casino Royale

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Casino Royale

Well what can I say. The movie was great. The experience was upsetting.

So George and I walked in and sat down. In plenty of time to see all their adverts. Then literally 30 seconds into the movie these f@#%head losers walk in and claim that we are in their seats. I've been in allocated seating once or twice before, but the cinema was not crowded when we arrived, and noone was paying attention to their tickets anyway. The ticket sellers *did not* tell us there was allocated seating and to look at our tickets, and we didn't notice before we sat down that it even *was* allocated seating. So what we should have done was just said piss off and gotten them to go get security. They would have then had to move whoever was actually in our seats, and the whole cinema would have been in chaos. Really really should have done this. Instead in a bit of a fluster because the movie had started, we moved. To like row three because THE MOVIE HAD FRIGGING STARTED!!!!! These tossers should give up any rights to allocated seats if they walk in after the movie has started. It's the most pathetic behaviour I've come across in humans in a long time. And cowardly too - they disappeared as soon as the movie finished. So we missed the whole opening sequence of the movie. And were quite upset the whole way through.

Fortunately the movie was great. Quite enjoyed it. The airport scene was awesome, loved it heh (or maybe it was just all the planes hehe). The bit in Venice was funny too because I'd been there just this morning on my computer! Check it out - it's way cool (although I couldn't get it to install at home, but did at work). It doesn't have the corny one liners that other Bond films do. But lots of chases and explosions and implosions heh. Worth seeing, just not with buttheads.


trainman said:

I love reserved seating. Greater Union at Campbelltown has it, and Yvonne and I always reserve the couple seats. It was a good movie.

January 10, 2007 11:10 AM


michael morgan said:

It was a great movie. I loved the chase scean.

January 11, 2007 12:15 PM


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