Who is the Mole?

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For a while I was thinking it was Liz. Then I thought it was Craig. Then last night I was thinking John. I knew Liane wasn't, but she got eliminated.

Last week Liane and Kristy were convinced that the Mole was either Liz or John. And now they're both gone.

Craig and John have both been pretty mole-like in their behaviour. John in the first week was in the team that set off in the wrong direction in the snow and only just made it back in time. Craig was in the team that went past the flags on the side of the cliff, and Liz objected to going back down, and unclipped herself costing them money. In the getting kiwis to vote themselves a state of Australia, Craig bent the rules, costing them most of their votes. But then John does really well in the shooting challenge. John raised suspicions not knowing about Juan's like of the spice girls. In the cave, Craig leads John off away from the markers. In the boats, John leaves without putting his seatbelt on straight away although blames Mark for letting go of the rope. Craig and John both were involved in poor performances in the 4wd challenge. Craig took all the camping equipment, but no money (leaving it for the mole?), but John and Liz can't get back in time. John and Craig have trouble following each others directions in the maze. But then Liz and John were both against losing money for immunity.

I'm still tending towards Craig at this point, but wouldn't be surprised if it was Liz or John either. *sigh*. The only one I've ever guessed right, quite early on, was the very first series. I guess we will find out next week :)


Ben said:

I miss the grant bowler. :(

October 21, 2005 8:02 PM


kazza said:

Yeah he was better than this dude :)

I would so love to go on the Mole, it'd be so much fun :)

October 22, 2005 2:52 PM


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