I can see!

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My last set of glasses finally decided to die on me, so the other week I went out looking for a new pair. Yesterday I went to pick them up, and it was a miracle! I could see! I haven't seen so clearly in years. My old glasses really were very out of date. And contacts aren't that much better. Especially for astigmatism - if they aren't lined up exactly right, everything's distorted anyway.

So I'm seeing the world in a whole new way at the moment. :)

The only problem with these glasses is, they're smaller than the last ones, which means I can actually see *under* them. This is not good when I glance down the keyboard - as I'm either trying to look under the rims (so not looking through them at all), or *through* the bottom of the glasses where the rim is, so can't see a thing. Very annoying.

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