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Nearly got hit by a bicyclist today. In a car that is. I was coming up on a t-intersection that I was planning to turn left at, so I wasn't paying much attention to the left side of the road - I was more worried about traffic coming from the right that I'd have to avoid. That's not to say that I wasn't watching at all, but within a metre or two of the intersection I turned my head to the right, which is when a bicyclist zoomed onto the road next to me from the footpath that he'd been riding on, and just about hit the side of the car. Sheesh!

The irony of it is, my one and only "accident" was at the very same intersection (the only damage done was a broken blinker light on my car). In that instance I was behind a car turning left. It moved into the intersection, so I started moving also, and turned my head to the right to look for oncoming traffic, only to realise too late that the car in front had stopped again. Crunch. Ouch. $30 to replace the blinker casing. I guess I got off lightly :)

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