37.. Brides of Christ is on again :)

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eek I just stopped the video and the tv is crystal clear.. I've just been watching a tape of last night's episode of Brides of Christ, which is on channel 2, which we don't get good reception for. It was somewhat painful trying to watch it through all the snow and lines, I think I'll have to get someone to tape the other episodes - there's four left, turns out I only missed the first one.

Just saw last Thursday's ER too, which was hard to follow because they did "night shift" and "day shift" in parallel. Had to pay close attention because a lot of things that happened in the night shift parts had earlier events linked to in the day shift parts. And Romano told Elizabeth he loved her ... awwwwww :):)

And while we're on TV, they're doing a 10 year reunion for 90210 which is about to start.. I have to admit I used to watch that show. I watched it for about 5-6 years but skipped the last season or two because it was just getting too ridiculous. Actually I think I stopped watching it when Donna finally lost her viginity. egads.. I didn't realise it went for 10 years! yikes!

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