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Had a CIA work dinner at the L�wenbr�u Keller tonight. Much beer and merriment was had :)

I started the evening with half a litre of L�wenbr�u lager, which was delightful. Then came dinner. Pig. Lots of it :) All the food came really quickly so they must just have stacks of it prepared. Had this lovely pork belly roast, with *perfect* crackling. Aside from the layers of fat which I sliced out, it was really nice. I also had another beer. I would have had some schnapps as well, cause they had all sorts of varieties, but it was getting a bit late, and I was *full* - I didn't even have dessert :) The only complaint with the place was the live band which was ok, but just too damned loud. You couldn't talk to each other without shouting into someone's ear. Fortunately they took regular breaks so could talk in the breaks.

And I'm still full :)

And my boy is here!!! Yayyyyy :):):):)

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