Busy Day :)

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Had a great (although busy and tiring) day today.

Had a bit of a sleep/lie in, before getting ready and meeting up with D&Y, and going for a coffee (ok so I had a white hot chocolate with caramel - yumm!). Then wandered into town, stopping at Broadway where I took photos of the St Barnabas church (or what was left of it :( ). Showed Stu where I used to work and familiar haunts. Then caught a bus into town, searched through Dymocks for LotusScript books (they had *none* pfft!!), had lunch at the Scottish Restaurant, and found the Tin Soldier, which had moved a few stores up the road which caused us slight confusing trying to find it heh.

Caught a bus back to the car, then did an aquarium run, stopping at two aquariums. Stu bought a thumping great big Eheim filter for his 4' tank and some corys, and I bought eight black neon tetras (which are schooling very nicely with the rest of my tetras).

Finally got home late afternoon. Watched a couple of episodes of Star Trek (we're up to season 2 now), cooked a steak dinner (with garlic mushrooms and later some home-made potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce heh) and watched Love Actually which was really sweet.

And now it's most definitely time for bed :)


Woosang said:

I would have tried Abbeys books are the Dymocks at wynyard. They specialise in computer books. The Dymocks at Town hall is more general.
(or QBD.com.au)

May 21, 2006 7:46 AM


Woosang said:

I would have tried Abbeys books or the Dymocks at wynyard. (Typo)

May 21, 2006 7:49 AM


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