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Finally updated my spreadsheets for the last couple of months of my Sydney loan tonight. 

In the seven and a half years I had the mortgage I paid $78k in interest, and interest rates went up 17 times from 2002 to 2008.  They started to go down again right at the end - just in time for our new mortgage heh.  My old mortgage had a higher than average interest rate, but there were no fees, no charges on using any atm, no charges on withdrawing cash from the credit card account, and elegant simplicity with the way the interest and credit card worked.  Their internet banking (or lack thereof) sucked donkey balls though, and the only improvement in the eight years was to allow Bpay.  The interface never changed and I was never able to transfer money to other accounts.  I was with Homeloans Ltd with finance from ING if anyone cares :)

The charts looked pretty cool, with dips and peaks where things like small loans to/from relatives, holidays, termination payouts etc took their toll.

Mortgage chart

And the interest rate graph for the same time period looked pretty scary..

Interest rate graph

So now we start all over again .. :)

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