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In early 2017 we bought an Electrolux Ergorapido cordless vacuum cleaner.  It didn't get used much for the first six months, but then I started doing a couple of rooms every weekday morning before work and once I got into the routine the whole house would get vacuumed every week.  This changed my life.  Before that the house would go months between vacuums because I *hated* dragging the barrel vacuum cleaner around, and the attachment to catch dust outside the main cleaner never fitted properly so you'd be vacuuming along and suddenly the whole head would fall off.  Drove me nuts.  What I did hate about the new Electrolux was the rolly brush on the head.  I knew before we even bought it that it would just get tangled in my hair.  Stu promised he would clean it out for me, but that happened very rarely, and a couple of times the motor got jammed.  The second time recently David was around for and decided this meant it should be replaced.  So he got me a Dyson v7 origin for my birthday!

So how do they compare?

I find the Electrolux more comfortable to use.  The action is a bit more natural.  It has a nice flexible head on it so gets around corners easily.  And it has a nice light on the front so you can see even in a darkened room.  With the Dyson you have to hold it like a gun and keep the trigger squeezed for it to run which makes it all a bit more awkward.  Going mostly straight is fine, but going around corners can be quite difficult.  Also, if you lift the head off the floor it snaps open fully extended, and you really have to push it down to get it back onto the ground.  The Dyson's head is also a bit higher so doesn't get under things quite as well.  Although when it can get under it can go further, because it lays completely flat past the head.  The Electrolux gets wider and wider as it goes up so can't keep going under things for very long.

The Dyson is definitely more powerful and does a much better job of sucking stuff out of corners, and heavier items that the Electrolux would just not manage.  Which, yanno, is the whole reason for a vacuum cleaner, so it's a winner there.

The Dyson has a max fill line on the barrel, but that assumes that the barrel is sitting horizontal.  When you're using it, it's usually greater than 45 degrees on its side, so dust accumulates in the front of it, much higher than the fill line.  Stoopid.  

Emptying the Electrolux was always a bit of a pain.  You pulled off the collector barrel which was easy enough, but then you had to pull out the filter and sort of shake it around to get the dust out.  The Dyson is a lot easier, but you really have to be careful to get it over the bin, otherwise dust goes everywhere.  And when you snap it shut, dust goes everywhere.  I've had to vacuum around the bin just to collect it all - several times.  

No word yet on battery life.  The Electrolux still seemed to be going strong after three years and would easily do several rooms without even getting down to one bar.  The Dyson says it will go for 30 minutes (vs the Electrolux at 45 minutes) so hopefully it'll still manage to do a couple of rooms as the battery ages.

Finally, the Dyson is a lot quieter than the Electrolux which is super nice on my sensitive ears, and is less disturbing for Stu as well.

I'll take the Electrolux out to the club for general usage out there.  There is a vacuum cleaner out there which works pretty well, but did I mention I hate dragging around barrel vacuum cleaners?  The cordless will mean the place will get vacuumed more regularly, even if I have to get the bits of twigs and bark from the fireplace with a dustpan and broom ;)

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