Star Trek

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Star Trek
Went and saw Star Trek tonight.

Fricken awesome!

Really enjoyed it.  Well, most of it .. :)

(potential spoilers in extended entry)
So I really enjoyed most aspects of the movie.  As a standalone movie it's great. 

So of course the biggest issue is the whole alternate reality thing.  How they've *changed* it!  It just didn't feel right to me.  Of course I can see why they've done it, it gives them the opportunity to start again with the "original" characters, but perhaps take them in different directions.  But I think people will still compare them.  They did a great job in this movie of casting to match the original characters.  Altho McCoy's accent annoyed me - wasn't southern enough heh.

And the other big gripe are the "conveniences"  - like having no other senior officers on board to be first officer?!?!?  Seriously?!?  And just happening to find that cave?!


Lots of fun :)

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