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Had rather a lovely Saturday.

Didn't really get a good sleep, but dozed for quite a while. Meandered up to Racecourse Road for breakfast, then went fishtank shopping. The shop we went to had the most amazing marine tank display - the best I've seen outside the aquarium I think.

Came home and watched the pilot of Firefly, then played fish tanks (actually I spent most of the time doing a couple of rather tricky Sudoku puzzles heh). Then we listened to Camille Saint-Saens Symphony Number 3 (the cd acquired recently via the wonderful resource that is the interet) while I watched the sunset out the window.

Went out for Thai for dinner which was excellent, but we were a bit late for the session of Serenity we wanted to see, so went back home for a bit before heading into the city to see it there. The movie was great, and glad I watched the pilot beforehand, so I had a good idea of who was who.

All in all very fulfilling day. :):)


Gary LaPointe said:

Now you've got to watch all the other episodes. :)

I just got into it a few months ago (SciFi channel is rerunning them) and I really enjoyed the series. Plus the DVD has 3 un-aired episodes. The extras a fun too (a few cut scenes and a tour of the ship set (it's life size!)


October 23, 2005 7:10 AM


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