One amazingly long weekend

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Christmas Party Number 1

So Friday night was CIA's Christmas party. We went to Chan's Garden Chinese Restaurant in Burwood. Let me just say, if you're thinking about going there - don't! The food was ok, but the service was abysmal. We arrived at 7pm, but it was a full hour and a quarter before *any* food arrived. And then another three quarters of an hour before any food turned up for the vegetarians. So the entrees trickled out, and by 10pm we thought we were done. Then they brought out the mains. Yes, three hours after we arrived, and everyone had pretty much had enough to eat. Of course noone was hungry anymore, so we got a bunch of containers and took it all home. I have enough food for a week!

Christmas Party Number 2
Saturday lunch was a small gathering at James and George's. Very pleasant, and lots of food as per usual.

Middle Harbour cruise
After lunch, I trekked out to Mosman and went for a cruise on John's boat. We went all the way up Middle Harbour to Warringah Road. Was totally awesome. It's a pity he's planning on selling it :(

Christmas Party Number 3
After I got home, I sat down to eat dinner when Chris calls me up - party at his place. So off I head to that. Didn't think I was going to know anyone much, but a few people came that I knew. Managed to get myself a fantastic massage, best I've had in a long time. Also had a very interesting, if somewhat depressing, conversation with Alison. Got to bed about 2:30am.

Afternoon breather
Was planning to go to the parents, but plans were put off by the arrival of a thunderstorm which I wanted to wait out with appliances disconnected so that I could reconnect everything when done.

Yet another dinner out
Again at James and George's. Got counted as part of the family during grace *heh* Yet another yummy bbq.

Finally made it home to watch the second last episode of Survivor.

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