Which way is up?

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I have so much happening at work at the moment it's ridiculous. I just can't keep everything in my head, I feel like it's all about a foot above my head spinning round just out of reach of my sanity. I have so much to do that I spend half my day just thinking about where I should start, but not actually getting anywhere. It's a disaster!

My boss totally stumped me today though. I was outlining the plan for one of my projects (which includes removing servers and rearranging the racks), and he said, well why are you removing that kvm? and I didn't have an answer - it simply hadn't occurred to me to just leave things as they are and not clean up the mess involved in playing musical servers. I couldn't imagine leaving gaps, it goes against my whole tidyness philosophy on life :)


paul said:

try and keep things in perspective mate and not stress about work (he says!)..... there is nothing that you do that is a life or death situation, and after all, it is just a nasty 4 letter word ... WORK! ... well thats how I am trying to look at things these days!
Fancy a night out down your local, sounds like you need one? .. we can sort the plane fare out later!

September 13, 2004 11:18 PM


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