Things I'm throwing out today

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  • I pack of 12 poster paints I got from Kmart when I was in high school. I was going to be all creative with them, but in the end only used them a couple of times. Then they all dried up.
  • Two "cylinder" pencil sharpeners - you know the ones that keep all the shavings in a little cylinder, then you unscrew the lid to empty it? I had two - one with a cracked lid and one that didn't sharpen properly because the sharpener wasn't lined up with the hole properly. I never use them because I have a much better sharpener. I've had them since primary school and I think it's time to let them go :)
  • A couple of exercise books that I used to document my finances when I was at uni. I had all my expenses colour coded by whether they were uni stuff, entertainment, church, food, miscellaneous stuff etc. I could tell you to the cent how much I spent on everything while I was at uni. Pretty obsessive really. Also in there was a chart of when I'd written to penfriends and when they'd written back, and a list of all the Bugs Bunny cartoons when they were on tv in the early 90s before I typed them all up onto the computer.
  • A 1995 planner diary, that I used for a while when I was doing my Bible readings to write down my thoughts on the passages. That only lasted a couple of months though.
  • Some old notebooks and school planner diaries. I couldn't bear to throw out a whole bunch more though.
  • Piles of Christmas cards - a stack of impersonal ones from work, and a bunch I'd gotten off mum one year to do crafty things with but never did

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