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So James is in town this week!!  Very cool.  So tonight met up with him and his colleague Eldon, and we wandered around til we found somewhere nice to have dinner.

We found Ardeche.  And because it was in my Entertainment Book, we thought that sounded good.

I had a duck thing, and James had a veal thing, and Eldon had a barramundi thing.  And we all had desserts too :)

Food was all excellent (garlic bread at the beginning was divine), although the veggies we got as a side with one of the meals were a little bland.

The waitress we had was lovely, great service there.

The only downer of the place was they didn't give us the full discount the Entertainment Book card offered.  So their tip wasn't as high as it might otherwise have been.

Ardeche, Canberra

Ardeche, Canberra

Ardeche, Canberra

Ardeche, Canberra

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