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Sitting in the QCA blogging. Well there's not much else to do :) Had a nice lunch for Stu, attended by half the QCA, at the Jade Buddha across the road. Now just hanging out waiting for Stu to finish up on his last day. There's talk of a game of Unreal Tournament later.. :)

One story I was reminded of at lunch, was the funniest thing I saw yesterday. This dude at the airport had a plane on a leash! It was the funniest thing to watch. He held onto it as it reversed out, and it really looked like he was leading it away from the terminal. I'd have taken a photo, but it was looking directly into the sun and it wouldn't have done it justice anyway.

Oh and the other funny thing from yesterday, is James is helping out at the Xbox 360 Water Balloon Challenge. How much fun does that look! :)

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