Caesar Salad Review: Altitude Cafe

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(continuing with the back dating)

The other week we tried out the Altitude Cafe in Belconnen.

There was a moment of confusion as we didn't know if there was table service or not (why make things so confusing?).  But when we got deep enough into the place and noone had looked at us hopefully, we finally saw a sign, right at the end of the store, on the counter, saying order and pay at the counter.  

I went for the Caesar Salad.

I have to say it was very *weird* for a caesar salad - with tomato, cucumber and parsley thrown in.

Location: Altitude Cafe, Belconnen
Price: $12.95

Lettuce: cos, but in a four-leaf clover configuration
Croutons: just some toasted stale bits of bread, nothing special
Bacon: decent amount
Parmesan cheese: reasonable amount
Egg: two poached eggs, one on each corner
Anchovies: none! win!
Sauce: ok, on the side
Extras: tomato, cucumber, parsley, and chicken (not complaining about that chicken, usually you pay extra for that)

Altitude Cafe Caesar Salad

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