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A little alcohol and the thoughts come tumbling out. Like how cool it would be to see Brian May again (I saw him in concert a few years ago and it was utterly magic... It's a Kind of Magic? :) ) and seeing We Will Rock You (I'd know all the songs, would just need to find someone to see it with), and how the soundtracks to the Chamber of Secrets and the Prizoner of Azkaban are going to forever remind me of our trip to the US (I got the cds there and we listened to them a lot while we were away in the car) and how lucious Lucius is.. mmmmmmm yumm Jason Isaacs..

I didn't get nearly enough sleep this week.. damned servers.. definitely going to make an effort to get a proper night's sleep tonight..

and how lovely Alan Rickman's voice is.. and how much I love British accents .. and that I should probably cook some dinner... and how much Tom Felton grew in between the two movies .. and how much the rest of them grew between movies two and three..

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