Fantasia 2000

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Fantasia 2000

Watching Fantasia 2000 tonight which I haven't seen in *ages*. I used to watch this a lot at Marrickville while slightly drunk, and being a Friday night I thought I'd have the odd shot of Drambuie, Cointreau and Vodka (not together ;) ) and watch it.

I first watched this with Cynthia in December 2000, just after I'd been to America, and the Rhapsody in Blue scene brought back memories and "been theres" of Grand Central Station, Rockerfeller Ice Rink, and Times Square. That, and the flamingo scene are my favourites on the video. It's starting to deteriorate though, I should probably invest in the dvd.

The cool thing about being slightly drunk is that you think of things on impulse, and suddenly I have a dinner party planned for tomorrow night :) Gonna need to go shopping for a few things tomorrow though.


Dave2 said:

Tomorrow night?!? But it will take me an entire day just to fly to Australia!! :-)

January 28, 2005 9:18 PM


kazza said:

It only takes 14 hours. I'll wait :)

January 28, 2005 9:39 PM


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