Received Pronounciation

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I love the sound of "received pronounciation" .. I always have, but additionally because that's what Jason Isaacs uses in my four favourite films he's in - Peter Pan, The Patriot, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Dragonheart. The funny thing is, poms that don't speak it have a tendency to not like people who do. At least, some of the ones on the ski trip I went on don't. Probably because it defines some sort of class distinction (much like people that say "yous" in Sydney tend to be uneducated "westies"). I remember once hearing a talk by someone who said that he liked Australia so much because the speech was so "classless" and I guess I can see why. So I guess that's why Jason's bad guy characters speak in received pronounciation cause it defines some "upper class" that the general public doesn't like very much .. Richard, Paul, does that make any sense? (I've had some vodka tonight so things are a bit rambly :) )

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