Schnitz Belconnen

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A Schnitz outlet opened up earlier in the year.  We avoided it for the first few weeks on account of crazy crowds.  But one day I saw it with not much queue so went and tried it.

I decided to try their very basic chicken schnitzel to start with.  It wasn't too bad.  Maybe a little bland.  And definitely expensive ($9.90).


A few months later when the stars aligned and there wasn't much queue, I tried another one - this time their parmagana chicken schnitzel.  This was even more expensive ($13.90), and messy.  Just look at the mess!  It was also soggy.  I don't think parmagana works on a roll.


The biggest problem with Schnitz (other than it's very high prices for a food court lunch) is that noone knows how to GET THE F@!# OUT OF THE WAY!  Seriously people, once you've ordered, move up to the other end of the counter where you pick up the burger!  The number of times in that few months I simply kept walking past because I couldn't tell if people were actually in the queue, or had ordered and were waiting for pickup.. Even that second time I went, there were a couple in front of me that had ordered but kept hanging around on the fricken *wrong side*.  Idiots!

So yeah lots of idiots, high prices, and so far uninspiring food have put me off the place.  It does still seem popular with other people though, so maybe it'll survive.

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