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Pretty quiet day today.  Didn't do nearly as much as I wanted to :(

Dropped by Annie's, had lunch at Fortune Box and did our food shopping.  Spent seemingly half the day starving - in the lead up to lunch, and in the lead up to dinner :(

Later in the afternoon I downloaded and spent entirely too much time playing Run That Town.  It is, as described, quite addictive, completely drawing you in.  It starts off a bit slow.  You have enough money but not "clout" to get things done.  Your ratings go up or down based on the popular decisions of your area's demographic.  Which means turning down an airport in a Canberra suburb might get you a big down vote!  Once I got the hang of reading the popular opinion, I tended to get rated favourably.  Plus I was spending lots, so my popularity went up, peaking at 84%.  But then I started to be spending more than I was earning, which meant if I was going to last the ten years, I had to fuss about not paying maintenance on things, but then having to turn it back on before the things fell into disrepair.  Towards the end there were less proposals so pretty much just sat there watching popularity slowly dwindle.  Finished off with 17426 points, 63% popularity.  No idea if that's any good!  Think it was pretty mediocre.  The game crashed on me twice.  And a major annoyance was having to scroll a *lot* through all the public works to look at them and turn maintenance on/off.  Don't know if there was an option to do it any more efficiently.  Not sure I'd play it again.  I probably would with somewhere in Sydney where I've lived.  So yeah a couple of hours wasted there.  Whoops.

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