Zierholz at the Brewery

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So Windy organised a group of us to have lunch out at Fyshwick at Zierholz.  It was a lot of fun.

The restaurant is set out with several large tables (about eight tables holding eight to sixteen or so people).  It does mean that if there's only a couple of you, you'll have trouble getting a table.  Most of the tables were reserved today, and we saw some people leave again straight away.

We got there just after twelve, and ordered their Sample Paddle - a 60ml sample of seven different beers, with a half pint of whatever was your favourite.  This was a fantastic idea!  Getting to try all these different beers together was great.  They suggested starting with the light beers and moving up the the heavy darker beers.  Well I drank the first, light, beer, then decided to do a mouthful of each up the line.  When there were only two mouthfuls of each left, I went back down the line in reverse order, on account of not really liking heavy beers and preferring the lighter ones. :)

Zierholz Paddle
A while after receiving these, maybe twenty past twelve, we ordered our food. Entrées eventually arrived, however I didn't order one, as usually if I have an entrée I'll have trouble finishing the main.  So I had one of Chris' salt and pepper squid thingies, and one of Stu's mussels.  And then we waited.  Ages and ages.

It was nearly 2pm by the time our mains arrived.  Now we were having a nice time anyway, but that really was very slow service.  I got the pork belly, which was delicious and nice and crunchy skin, although the portion size was a heck of a lot smaller than I expected.  Stu got some sausages which were pretty good too.  

Zierholz Pork Belly
Zierholz Sausages
By the time we'd finished, Nanette and I decided we were still hungry, so ordered some wedges to actually fill us up.  We shouldn't have had to do this! Seriously!

Zierholz Wedges
So anyway.  Nice enough lunch and the beers were good, but very slow service, and portion sizes left a lot to be desired.

Zierholz Brewery

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